Handmade soap is a luxury that everyone can enjoy. There are many benefits of using it over other products.

Handmade soap is a luxury, but it has many benefits for your skin and health. For example, handmade soaps typically only contain natural ingredients which make them better for your skin and less likely to cause acne or dry patches on your skin. It also means that handmade soaps are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. It is perfect for when you’re dealing with allergies or just want something gentle to use on your body.

Natural ingredients in soap

Natural ingredients are the foundation of making soap. They act as emollients, humectants, anti-inflammatory agents and as emulsifiers.

Shea butter is a natural plant butter that can be extracted from the nuts of karite trees in Africa. It has various properties including being anti-inflammatory, conditioning hair and skin, and having antioxidant properties.

Olive oil is extracted from the fruit of the olive tree and is known for its ability to hydrate skin while reducing inflammation. Coconut oil is another ingredient that is found in many soaps for its moisturizing properties. Cocoa butter comes from cocoa beans (the fruit) and has moisturizing effects on both skin and hair because it contains palmitic acid which has an affinity for water molecules.

Chemical free soap

Artisan soap makers do not use chemicals, fillers or foaming agents in their soap. Shop bought soap is made in factories, where cheap ingredients are often used to cut costs. If you look at the ingredients label you will often find a long list of chemicals, rather than pure, natural ingredients. There is no need for these chemicals, soap is a centuries old product which can be easily made with naturally occurring raw ingredients. The difference between the two products is twofold; cost and quality.