What can you promise yourself that you will do in 2022? It is a common question that we ask at the start of every year. If you are part way through your DofE skills course, be inspired and set targets to complete your skills section;

1. Create a plan to finish making products

This time of the year is perfect to think about your progress and evaluate how close to finishing you are . If you are still working on coursework, now could be the perfect time to finish this, before other distractions come up in February-March. Remember, taking one step at a time will get it done eventually! Create an achievable timetable to get to week 10. Week 11 is a revision week so you can do this without too much planning. Week 12 is the end of course test – so try and do this as soon after you have revised as possible.

2. Be inspired by other peoples successes

Discuss your DofE achievements with friends and with your leader. Talking about progress will being your DofE award to the forefront of your thinking & is likely to give you a boost. Ask friends about their progress and encourage them to complete their sections too.

3. Review your own progress

Sometimes, one of the best ways to take stock of a situation is to review what you have already done. Review your photos, review your weekly evaluation sheets and you will see that you are closer to completion than you think. This should help you draw up a timetable for getting your skills section signed off. Don’t forget – we usually write assessors reports for our DofE courses within 24 hours – so just let us know when you have finished.

Don’t forget – if you have any questions about our course – we are here to help. Just use the contact form to get in touch.

Full information about our DofE courses is available on our website.

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